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First Peacemaker Scholarship

Broken. Shattered. Lost.

These words come to mind when I think of our family today. And it seems that every day brings its share of more trouble and pain.

I look at the video of our family presenting the first Jack Shockley Peacemaker Scholarship, and I think, Who are those people? How can a family in such grief bring happiness and opportunity to Xochitl Murillo, our first scholarship recipient?

We have been brought so low in our suffering, it seems we have nothing of ourselves left to offer. Yet it is through our empty hands that so many have worked. With the grace of God and the love and support from family and friends—including Jack’s friends and their wonderful families—we find ourselves able to move forward. Father Todd’s advice, to take things one step at a time, has served our family. And as a family (broken as we are), we move forward together, determined not to leave anyone behind.

And all of it led us to the moment when we stood on the altar at Good Shepherd to award the Peacemaker Scholarship to Xochitl. God used our broken hearts and empty hands to make a difference through the efforts of so many.

Thank you, Aunt Jan and Uncle Marty. Thank you, Monsignor Stumpf, Kim Pohovey, and Mary McCoy at the Archdiocese. You have been the engine of hope that brought this beautiful moment in our lives and Xochitl’s life to fruition.

But that moment was also fueled by the tears, the prayers, and the strength of the Warriors for Peace. Without your steadfast love for Jack, and his love for each of you, this could not have happened. You honor him.

I believe that Jack and Xochitl’s mother intervened to bring about her selection for our first Peacemaker Scholarship. It is given to honor both of them, and we pray for their continued intercession.

Our family thanks God and all of you for filling our empty hands with a gift to make a difference in Xochitl’s young life. We have received so much grace and love, and it has been such a blessing—a healing and hope-filled blessing—to be able to give our love back.

God bless Xochitl. And God bless the Warriors as we work to bring peaceful change to our world, one life at a time.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!


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