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About Jack Shockley

John David Shockley was a peacemaker. Jack had the ability to bring together people from different walks of life and different points of view. He was thoughtful, generous, and kind, with a heart for the poor and disadvantaged. He had a strong sense of right and wrong and spoke up when he saw injustice. Jack had a steadfast faith in God, and was inspired by the writings of his namesake, St. John of the Cross, who wrote: “When the evening comes, you will be examined on love.”

Jack was also a much-loved son, brother, and friend; a rascal, a sports fan, a good worker, and a deep thinker. He was as welcoming to the new kid as he was to his oldest friend. He resisted all things trendy, especially in the way he dressed. He was blessed with a sharp wit, an old soul, and the beginnings of deep wisdom. 

Last, and certainly least, on August 12, 2020, at the age of 24, Jack was an innocent victim of gun violence. And when evening came for him, he passed the examination posed by St. John of the Cross. Jack Shockley gave his love unconditionally, and he was loved in the same way.

About Warriors for Peace

Gun violence is devastating the people of Indianapolis, and its traumatic effects are felt disproportionately in our most vulnerable communities. The mission of the Jack Shockley Warriors for Peace is to oppose the evil of gun violence by promoting peaceful change, one life at a time.

First, we will support scholarships with one-on-one mentoring to enable grade-school graduates from our center-city parishes to complete their Catholic

education through high school.

Second, with time, talent, and treasure, we will promote peace and oppose gun violence by partnering with local gun violence prevention organizations to support peace-promoting efforts in the community.

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