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Steve Shockley, Co-Chair

Current profession: Former partner of Taft Law (retired)

Affiliations: Former board member of Indianapolis nonprofit Jumpin’ for Jazz for eight years

Volunteer experience: Coached CYO basketball at Immaculate Heart of Mary and Christ the King for over 10 years. Past president of the Cathedral-Chatard Hockey Club.

Activities/Hobbies: Hanging out with the grandkids, reading, writing, playing golf in the summer, and following college basketball in the winter.

What does being a peacemaker mean to you?

To me, being a peacemaker means making my speck of the universe better by doing good things for other people and by showing kindness to everyone I meet.

What impact do you hope the Jack Shockley Warriors for Peace will have in the community?

I hope the Jack Shockley Warriors for Peace can impact our community by raising awareness of the devastating effects of gun violence and by providing opportunity to young people in the parts of our city most affected by gun violence.

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