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Grace Liegibel

Current profession: Previous Licensed Clinical Social Worker for Community Health Network. Current stay-at-home mom.

Volunteer experience: Mentor to Jack Shockley Peacemaker Scholarship recipient 

Activities/Hobbies: I enjoy traveling, trying local restaurants, movies, and reading.

What does being a peacemaker mean to you?

Being a peacemaker means treating every person with dignity regardless of their personal beliefs, circumstances, or actions. Peacemakers value the perspectives and experiences of others and seek to be welcoming to all, especially to those who feel like they do not belong.

What impact do you hope the Jack Shockley Warriors for Peace will have in the community? 

My hope is that Jack Shockley Warriors for Peace can spread awareness and understanding that the devastation of gun violence impacts our entire Indianapolis community and involvement from all is required to solve the problems that lead to this violence.

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