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Cheryl Shockley, Co-Chair

Current profession: Retired, Mama Warrior, Grandmother 

Affiliations: Marion County Youth Violence Prevention Coalition (Family Care Committee), Vagabond Missions, Stop the Violence Indianapolis, Inner City Prayer Initiative, Smart Family Development, Pathway Resource Center

Activities/Hobbies: Professed member of Discalced Carmelites, Vocation Committee at Christ the King, prayer group for the dying, Marian Movement of Priests, Home Communion Minister, Bible study, grief support group, reading, travel

What does being a peacemaker mean to you?

Being a peacemaker to me means growing in love. Loving the person in front of me. Using Jack as my model of radical acceptance of others while challenging the status quo. Rejection of all things trendy.

What impact do you hope the Jack Shockley Warriors for Peace will have in the community?

My hope for Jack Shockley Warriors for Peace is to bring love and light where there is hatred and darkness.

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