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Sierra Nawrot

Current profession: Senior Software Engineer at Liberty Mutual Insurance

Affiliations: Gleaners Food Bank, Everytown, Moms Demand Action

Volunteer experience: Four years with Indiana University Dance Marathon serving as the Strategic Sales Merchandise and Apparel Chair. Since graduating Cathedral in 2014, lead Cathedral Christian Awakening Senior Retreat as a College and Adult Leader (Lay Director in 2018)

Activities/Hobbies: Dancing at Danceworks Indy, concerts, foodie, attending IU sporting events, and playing catan

What does being a peacemaker mean to you?

Being a peacemaker to me means many things but at its core I hope to honor and walk in the values of one of my greatest friends Jack Shockley. He was a true peacemaker. He would give his shirt off his back to anyone, listen to anyone who needed someone to talk to, make all of us laugh; he was the glue in our circle of friends. Jack saw the best in people in this world, a peacemaker throughout all of his life. I hope to continue to honor him by living these values of peacemaking.

What impact do you hope the Jack Shockley Warriors for Peace will have in the community? 

I hope that our organization can spread love, light, hope, faith and peace throughout the great city of Indianapolis that Jack loved. I hope we can contribute to ending gun violence, by changing one life at a time, ultimately creating a ripple effect in our community.

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